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Which Bag is Right for You?

Which Bag is Right for You?


Note: none of the information offered below can be considered perfect advice - just a general reference - any application could need more or less bag thickness.



Known for its strength and ability to stretch with the load, LDPE bags have the

strength of stretching better than HDPE and can stay in tact with a "poke".

When there is a "tear" or "hole" poked through this bag it will usually not ruin the entire bag.

best applications: all applications from light to extra heavy duty.

Examples: 13 gallon kitchen garbage bag, sandwich bag, leaf bag



HDPE can be extremely strong but is more prone to ripping if there are sharp objects in the bag

can be very strong but susceptible to sharps (tears can start and progress quickly)

can be a less expensive option

best applications: bathroom liners, office liners, light to medium duty




Need to properly "size" your bag?  Need help finding proper thickness for a "non-liner" bag? 

Go here: Measuring / Thickness



Light Duty Liner     

.0005 mil - .0008 mil  (also 5/10s mil to 8/10s mil used to measure LDPE bag thickness)

8 micron - 20 micron (often used to measure the thickness of HDPE bags)

HDPE Liners = office receptacles big and small - strong bags but rip easier when poked

LDPE Liners = office, warehouse, kitchen garbage bag - strong bags more stretch

7 - 13 gallon containers are often a good fit within the 5/10s to 8/10s or 8 to 20 micron range                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Medium Duty Liner   

.001 mil - .00175 mil (also referred to as 1.0 mil to 1.75 mil LDPE bag thickness measurement)

22 - 24 micron (HDPE bag thickness measurement)

HDPE Liners = larger office containers and larger "non sharps" container - strong but rips easier

LDPE Liners = light yard waste, larger office or warehouse containers, non sharps, good day to day

20 to 33 gallon containers are a good match at the 1.0 to 1.75 mil range


Heavy Duty Liner      

.002 mil to .003 mil (also referred to as 2.0 mil to 3.0 mil LDPE bag thickness measurement)

LDPE Liners = some sharps (staples, needles, small nails) heavier loads with some rough edges (wood chunks) 

30 to 56 gallon containers and drum liners are in this group - heavier loads with some rougher edges


Extra Heavy Duty Liner

.004 mil to .006 mil (also referred to as 4.0 mil and 6.0 mil bag thickness measurement)

LDPE Liners = sharp and heavy items (broken glass or mirrors), wood with exposed nails, other heavy and sharp metals

30 to 56 gallon containers and drum liners are in this group - very heavy/sharper loads with rough and sharp edges



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